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A Bit About Us

The Dive Sled Story

The Dive Sled was created over 30 years ago out of a want and need to bring a high quality underwater sled to the scuba diving world. Our passion was to design and build a sled that really worked, and that passion is what drives us to bring it back today!


  Thirty years ago the Dive Sled was designed, created and produced. It was used by the likes of Mel Fisher, the infamous undersea treasure hunter. It has also been used by search and rescue dive teams across the country as a useful search and recovery tool. It is also great for any spearfishing enthusiasts. It allows them to scout and find spots with heavy fish activity quickly and reliably.  Not only is the Dive Sled a functional piece of equipment, it can also be used by recreational divers and boaters as well. This two person sled is a fun and enjoyable way to view and experience the amazing underwater world! This new and improved Dive Sled is a must have for anyone!


   So, what are you waiting for? If you missed your chance to get this amazing, fun piece of dive equipment back then, here is your opportunity now! Get a hold of us today, by email, or picking up the phone and giving us a call! We look forward to talking with you.

Underwater Dive Sled


What Our Customers Say

"Used the Dive Sled and took it for a run this weekend. It’s totally awesome! We went out to some familiar areas, threw it in the water, hooked it to the boat and communication system and took off. We found several ledges new to us, shot up some nice fish and covered a lot of ground using a very small amount of air. I can’t wait to get it out to some deeper areas that we have been dropping in on and get a better idea what’s out there."

Jammin Steel from Nokomis Spearfishing Club

"Each use of the Dive Sled opened a door to a new adventure. Exciting experiences under water! It's the only way to fly!"

Richard Servero

"Great for finding sunken wrecks in the keys and small boats that go down off shore. I would recommend the Dive Sled to any diver interested in finding great dive sites! This thing is fun!"

Michele Munyale

"Our commercial use of the Dive Sled it is used in bottom surveys to determine large dump areas for fish habitat.
In sport, we have found fabulous dive sites. We found the remains of a 17 century whaling ship and enough scalop patches to keep the local divers happy for years. It is a great tool for covering vast areas of coastal ocean in short time."

Cote Nord Dive Center Inc.

"This thing is absolutely excellent! I have explored more underwater territory including sea mounts than ever before possible. I would positively recommend the Dive Sled to other divers!"

J B Alexander

"The Dive Sled is easy to assemble, fun to ride, and puts away in minutes. Since you're not swimming your butt off underwater, you have energy at days end to clean all your fish you find!"

Avery Smith